Blind Pig Who Wants to Fly

(Edwin, 2008)

Blind Pig Who Wants to Fly (2008), the debut feature film of Chinese Indonesian filmmaker Edwin, depicts the lives of a loosely-connected group of ethnic Chinese living in contemporary Indonesia. The storyline centers on Linda, a young Chinese woman who eats firecrackers, and her childhood friend Cahyono, who wants to be Japanese. The film oscillates back and forth in time, visually juxtaposing the childhoods and young adulthoods of Linda and Cahyono. The repetitive ‘return’ of childhood, a formative yet affective space wherein the emotion and experience of ethnicity reify, requires an allegorical reading. The bodily manifestations, i.e., the scar on Linda’s hand caused by an exploding firecracker and Cahyono’s incessantly bleeding nose, the result of bullying by his peers – allegorize the continuous fissure between the protagonists’ ethnic bodies and the racial politics of contemporary Indonesian society.

Dr Qiu Zitong is presenting this film.

This film is being discussed by Dr Charlotte Setijadi-Dunn.

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